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Achievers, Boston, MA / San Francisco, CA
Achievers is a web-based provider of employee rewards and recognition, sales incentive and service award programs that works with top employers and leading companies such as Microsoft, Marriott, ConAgra and Bell.

Investment Date: May 2009 Sold to Blackhawk Network Holdings, June 2015
GrandBanks Board Representative: Tim Wright
Co-investors: Relay Ventures, Laurence Capital, Sequoia Capital


BISON, Boston, MA
Boston Illiquid Securities Offering Network ("BISON") is an online information exchange network that empowers private equity funds, venture capital firms, pension plans, family offices, foundations, and endowments to make the best possible alternative investment decisions by transforming unstructured fund data into consistent, meaningful, and actionable investment information.

Investment Date: June 2012
GrandBanks Board Representative: Tim Wright
Co-investors: Accomplice, Hamilton Lane, TechStars Boston

Career opportunities at BISON


Clearfit, Toronto, ON
ClearFit, Inc. is an online solution that helps businesses find job applicants and accurately predict who will succeed in a given role. The Company's patent granted software goes beyond the resume to look at the most valid predictors of job success, personality and experience. The ClearFit solution makes it easy for anyone to find and hire the best candidate, especially small business owners.

Investment Date: December 2012
GrandBanks Board Representative: Tim Wright
Co-investors: Relay Ventures

Career opportunities at Clearfit


Coherent Path, Cambridge, MA
Coherent Path is a Loyalty Analytics and Personalization Software Platform that maps the journeys retail customers take through transactional spaces. The company applies advanced mathematical concepts to understand the relationship between the product, transactional spaces and customer behavior. Through Coherent Path retailers can now move beyond traditional statistical approaches and focus on the tune engagement of each customer's own and ever-changing journey. As a result, Coherent Path will enable companies to build stronger relationships with their customers and optimize engagement around long-term business objectives.

Investment Date: June 2014
GrandBanks Board Representative: Tim Wright
Co-investors: Sigma Prime Ventures, Dunnhumby, CommonAngels

Career opportunities at Coherent Path


Dispatch, Boston, MA
Dispatch delivers a mobile and software-as-a-service (SaaS) based platform to streamline the last mile of in-home service for franchises, legacy enterprise companies, and employer small and medium businesses with five or more employees. The Company's solution provides a mobile field service management solution with the ability to receive requests for a field service technician on a mobile device, make the technician completely mobile to perform end-to-end service tasks, integrate with GPS and geographic information systems, and provide field service functionality that supports a continuum of mobile field service models. Dispatch provides a customizable platform that does all of the heavy lifting, including managing back-office operations and mobile workforce, and providing real-time customer communication. Whether it is managing bookings and appointments, tracking the service rep by location, or handling payment and feedback, the Dispatch platform turns any service business into a powerful, on-demand, mobile organization. Customers get convenience and instant gratification and employees get better tools to manage their time.

Investment Date: May 2014
GrandBanks Board Representative: Tim Wright
Co-investors: Promus Ventures, salesforce.com, inc., Liberty Mutual, Service Master, Assurant

Career opportunities at Dispatch


Disruptor Beam, Framingham, MA
Disruptor Beam develops high-quality, free-to-play mobile and web games based on the world's greatest entertainment brands. Since 2011, we have published the critically acclaimed mobile titles, GAME OF THRONES ASCENT and STAR TREK TIMELINES, with THE WALKING DEAD game in active development.

Investment Date: August 2014
GrandBanks Board Representative: Tim Wright
Co-investors: Romulus Capital, Converge Venture Partners, Google Ventures

Career opportunities at Disruptor Beam


EachScape, New York, NY
EachScape is the leading open drag and drop environment for creating, managing and monetizing high-end mobile applications. Using EachScape, non-developers can create high-quality, highly customized, gorgeous applications delivered in native code on multiple platforms including Apple IOS, Android, and HTML5.

Investment Date: October 2011
GrandBanks Board Representative: Tim Wright
Co-Investors: Contour Venture Partners, NYC Seed LLC

Career opportunities at EachScape


InfoActive, Montreal, QC / Chicago, IL
Infoactive is building new ways to merge data and design. Our team helps people turn live data into mobile-friendly, interactive infographics. Thousands of active users from 150 countries use Infoactive for a simplified approach to visualizing and exploring information.

Investment Date: October 2014 Sold to Tableau, August 2015
GrandBanks Board Representative: Charles R. Lax
Co-investors: BDC Venture Capital, Alistair Croll, Randy Smerik


Knowledge Vision, Concord, MA
KnowledgeVision provides an on-demand platform to create interactive, multi-media Web presentations incorporating video (live and recorded), powerpoint decks, links/downloads and email forms.

Investment Date: December 2010
GrandBanks Board Representatives: Charles R. Lax and Jeff Parker

Career opportunities at KnowledgeVision


MAVRCK, Boston, MA
MAVRCK's social influence marketing platform powers premier consumer brands to drive more economic sales using social media. The company's proprietary influencer activation engine is a solution trusted by major brands to identify and activate their most influential customers across social networks at scale.

Investment Date: September 2014
GrandBanks Board Representative: Tim Wright
Co-investors: Kepha Partners, Betaspring, TechStars Boston

Career opportunities at Mavrck

OutStart, Boston, MA
OutStart provides a software-based e-learning knowledge management and delivery platform for enterprises seeking to increase individual and organizational performance. OutStart's broad product family, delivered either on an enterprise or ASP basis, helps improve sales force productivity, customer service efficiencies, customer and partner education and technology adoption. GrandBanks Capital's original investment in OutStart was the result of a business combination between Concentric Visions and OutStart in 2002.

Investment Date: September 2002 Sold to Kenexa Corp, January 2012
GrandBanks Board Representative: Charles R. Lax
Co-investors: Sigma Partners, General Catalyst Partners, Boston University Community Technology Fund, Solstice Capital, InterWest, TL Ventures

Savored, New York, NY
Savored provides restaurants and consumers with an online platform for discount restaurant reservations. The Savored network of restaurants is carefully curated to provide a selection of high-end restaurants and fine-dining establishments at a discount to the public during off-peak times through online reservations.

Investment Date: December 2010 Sold to Groupon, September 2012
GrandBanks Board Representative: Charles R. Lax
Co-investors: Hearst Interactive Media, High Peaks Venture Partners

SilverRail Technologies, Woburn, MA / London, U.K.
SilverRail Technologies provides technology solutions for the distribution of train tickets and other rail-related products.

Investment Date: August 2009 Sold to Expedia, June 2017
GrandBanks Board Representative: Charles R. Lax
Co-investors: Brook Ventures, PAR Capital Management, Accel Europe, Canaan Partners, Mithril Capital


Trilio Data, Hopkinton, MA
Trilio is an OpenStack provider of backup and migration solutions for IT Organizations and Cloud Service Providers deploying Application workloads in the Cloud. The solution provides a reliable recovery of applications from data corruption or data loss scenarios.

Investment Date: October 2014
GrandBanks Board Representative: Charles R. Lax
Co-investors: .406 Ventures, Windspeed Ventures, Cambria Ventures

Career opportunities at Trilio Data

Vela Systems, Burlington, MA
Vela provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction space. The Vela software suite significantly accelerates field processes related to construction, capital projects and capital equipment - reducing cycle times while improving quality assurance and risk management for building contractors and architectural firms.

Investment Date: June 2007 Sold to Autodesk, Inc., June 2012
GrandBanks Board Representative: Charles R. Lax
Co-investors: Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Autodesk

xkoto, Boston, MA / Toronto, ON
xkoto's technology platform enables the replication and virtualization of data. The GRIDSCALE Database Load Balancer manages a geographic grid of standard, commercial databases, making them appear virtually as a single local database so that applications become continuously available and horizontally scalable. Recently named one of Deloitte's 2007 Companies-to-Watch, xkoto's technology partners include IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Sun Microsystems and Sybase.

Investment Date: September 2007 Sold to Teradata Corporation, May 2010
GrandBanks Board Representative: Tim Wright
Co-investors: GrowthWorks Canadian Fund

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